"Pikes Peak Mountain" by Beverly

You May Be Homeschooling in Colorado If…

Homeschooling my kids is a blessing, sometimes a struggle and always a journey. We live in Colorado, which is a wonderful state to homeschool in. The state requirements are not too difficult to comply with and there are a ton of resources and groups in my area. We are currently involved in an amazing co-op and have done several others in the past. There are some tell-tell signs that you may homeschooling in Colorado. They help keep our journey interesting and oh so fun! You may be homeschooling in Colorado if…

"Pikes Peak Mountain" by Beverly

Image courtesy of Beverly at flickr.com (Scaled, cropped and text added)

1. You feel compelled to grow your own food in your tiny backyard.

2. You quickly realize on a group hike that the snacks you packed for your child are not crunchy enough so you offer them a twig. (Just kidding!)

3. You take your child to visit a farm and it is in a back yard in the middle of a residential neighborhood.

4. You have more hiking trails than you will ever be ever to get to.

5. Many of your neighbors and friends have backyard chickens and goats.

6. You see some sort of wildlife every day! (We have had bears in our yard, a neighborhood fox and a bobcat in our tree!)

7. You wake up to glorious mountain views!

8. You spend your spring break sledding!

9. You hunt Easter eggs in the snow and you never know what kind of Easter dress to get your daughter. (This struggle is REAL)

10. Your kids have eaten and done a lesson on Rocky Mountain Oysters!

11. Your honorary school colors are orange and blue.

12. Your kids learned directions by which way the mountains are.

13. You take your coats on the field trip even if it is 80 degrees in the morning.

14. You teach a small lesson on why socks and sandals are not okay even if you see it everywhere.

15. One of your subjects is nature then we are probably neighbors. (Stop by and say hello.)

16. Your kids are in amazing cardio shape you may be teaching P.E. in Colorado.

17. You have to reteach the meaning of vegetarian on a regular basis.

18. You can’t plant seeds with your kids until after Fathers’ day.

19. Teaching weather is complicated… It is 70 degrees one day and then a blizzard the next day!

20. You have the best and most supportive homeschooling community anywhere.

What funny things do you find while homeschooling in your state?

"Pikes Peak Mountain" by Beverly

Image courtesy of Beverly at flickr.com (Scaled, cropped and text added)

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Colorado sounds great and I love this list!! Great post!!


I have a homeschooling friend who recently moved there. I would love to visit. Sounds and looks amazing!


The disadvantages measure even to sending kids to school.


Colorado sounds great! Kudos to you for homeschooling!

Saidah Washington

I love this list and often miss homeschooling my kids. They were homeschooled in elementary grades and it was such a great fit for our family.