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Warm Your Child’s Heart
9 Christmas Books to Read With Your Child

I love reading with my daughter. It is especially fun since she is reading and can buddy read with me. I love hearing her read. It warms my heart. She loves going to the library to pick out books and gets even more excited about it when there is a holiday approaching.

Image courtesy of Bibliotheek Kortrijk at (scaled and text added)

Image courtesy of Bibliotheek Kortrijk at (scaled and text added)

Reading holiday books together is something we both look forward to. So as you can imagine, we have read a lot of Christmas books and can’t wait to share a few of our favorites with you.

1. The Small One by Alex Walsh. A young boy is forced to sell his cherished donkey, Small One. He makes his way to town to find the perfect buyer but is met with disappointment and ridicule. Will he ever find the right buyer for his precious Small One? Pick up the delightful story to find out what happens to this very special donkey! Before honor is humility -Proverbs 15:33

2. Let it Snow by Maryann Cocca Leffler. Let it Snow is a whimsical story about the magic of snow. Pick up this story and see how the kids in it spend their wonderful snow day! Be sure to check out the craft that goes with the story!
Crystal Snowflake Craft

3. The Penguin Who Wanted to Be Different by Maria O’Neill. This a precious story about Dorothy Penguin and her wish to be different. She wants to be different so badly that she writes it as her Christmas wish in her letter to Santa Claus. Pick up this book to find out how Santa helps Dorothy.

4. Keeping a Christmas Secret by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor. Michael has to keep a secret but dad is asking too many questions and it is becoming difficult. Will Christmas be ruined? Pick up this story and find out what creative secret Michael really has for dad.

5. Who Was Born This Special Day by Eve Bunting and Leonid Gore. This is a darling story about who was born on the beautiful starlight night. Each of the beautiful barnyard animals are asked if it was them that was born that beautiful night. Pick up this story and see the beautiful baby born that starlit night.

6. The Elves and the Shoemaker by Nick and Claire Page. This is a story from a long time ago about an old struggling shoemaker named Joe. The story teaches kindness and the importance of helping one another. Pick this story up and find out how the elves and Joe help each other through rough times.

7. The Littlest Christmas Star by Brandi Dougherty. Max wants to be the star of the Christmas Play and is disappointed when he doesn’t get the part he wants. Pick up this book to find what happens when Max sees what being a star is really about.

8. The Adventure of Bailey School Kids: Mrs. Jeepers Creepy Christmas by Debbie Dadey and Marcia Thornton Jones. The Bailey School kids are up to their same old silly antics in this special edition Christmas story. Pick up this story to find out who will win the annual holiday decorating contest and why Eddie is spending so much time reading, something he normally hates.

9. The Missing Snowman by Jo Albee. The kids are excited to see the snow and come together to build a snowman and give him some crazy and fun looks. What happens when the snow goes away? How will the snowman be remembered? Pick up this story to find out what happens.

Check back later to see the fun crafts we have created to go with each of these stories!

What are your favorite Christmas books?

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9 Christmas Books to Read With Your Child"

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“The Penguin who wanted to be different” sounds like fun. I must check that one out. Thanks for the list. Well appreciated.


I think we’ll get The Penguin who wanted to be Different. We like to read here too. :)


I don’t know ’bout Christmas books – but when I was a kid, i remember one of my fave books was “The Snowy Day”….


I have read so many Christmas books but I haven’t read any of these!! So psyched to find some new titles. Great choices! I will see if my local library has some of them.

Jacqui Odell

I need to get a couple of these. Especially the Keeping a Christmas a Secret! I love reading to my kids.