October 13: National Train Your Brain Day
Don't Cross Me

Today is National Train Your Brain Day. It was created with the hopes that people would expand and exercise their brains. One way this can be done is by completing puzzles such as crosswords, word searches, etc.
I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to create a crossword puzzle with my daughter. We decided to use a Halloween theme. She did a great job of helping me come up with words and sentences. Now we are off to have people complete this puzzle. We will also complete a few of our own.

Here is a link to the crossword puzzle my daughter and I created:

Halloween Traditions Crossword

Have you ever made a crossword puzzle? We would love to have a link to a crossword you have made so we can give it a try. Do you like completing puzzles?

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7 Comments on "October 13: National Train Your Brain Day
Don't Cross Me"

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Omg how fun y’all created a crossword!!! Crosswords are my favorite travel pastime! Whenever I fly I always buy a big book of them!


Love doing cross word puzzles but never tried making them. I also got addicted to Sudoku once LOL. Looks like a fund activity to do with the kids!


That’s awesome that you and your daughter created one together! I used to love doing crossword puzzles, and I really need to get back into it. Thanks for the great reminder.

Ellen Oliveira

How cool that you created a crossword puzzle with your daughter. Such a great way to use your brain!