October 14: National Bring Your Teddy Bear to School Day

Do you have a favorite teddy bear? It is National Bring Your Teddy Bear to School Day. Since we are homeschoolers we always have our teddy bears at school but today one of our teddy bears will do lessons with us.
We will also do a small lesson about our favorite teddy bear. This will include a small story, a drawing and a crossword. We will also play a fun game of “teddy bear, teddy bear turn around”, so much fun! We are so excited about this day.

How are you celebrating today?

Try our crossword puzzle here! :)

Teddy Bear Crossword

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6 Comments on "October 14: National Bring Your Teddy Bear to School Day"

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My daughter has a favorite teddy! She got it when she was 11 months old and she’s 4 now. She can’t go to sleep without it! It’s world war 3 in our house each time we wash it hahaha!

Kimberly Cox

Super cute idea, that frightens me just a bit. I’m not sure both my daughters have actual bears. Yikes… I better get on that one 😉 Thanks so much for sharing :)

Christine - The Choosy Mommy

I was actually unaware of it being National bring your teddy bear to school day. My daughter took her stuffed animal to school last week and this week they are talking about fire prevention. Thanks for sharing!