"Brown Camel" by Jeremy Cia at pexels.com (scaled and text added)

The Heat Is On
10 Cool Indoor Activities to Beat the Heat

What has your weather been like these days? We have had beautiful sunny days but unfortunately some afternoons have been almost too hot. This makes getting outside feel more like a chore than fun. We go out for short periods of time but after while the heat wins and we find ourselves back inside. The question is how do you pass the time?

"Brown Camel" by Jeremy Cia at pexels.com (scaled and text added)

Image courtesy Jeremy Cia at pexels.com (scaled and text added)

We have decided to limit screen time so I don’t like to offer this option. Crafts are fun but my daughter has been a little over them lately. She also doesn’t take naps anymore so I don’t have nap-time to mark off on the sometimes “oh so long” days. Here are some things we do when it is just too hot to go outside.

1. The first is free play. Yes, you read that right. I make my daughter use her imagination and entertain herself. This allows me to get things done or even just read for a little bit.

2. Work on a scrap book together. We have been trying to not only take photos but actually print them and make fun little memory books with them. My daughter really enjoys this and it is great for bonding and reminiscing.

3. Do a little yoga together. My daughter and I love doing yoga together. We have been able to find fun DVDs at the library and we also love Cosmic Kid’s Yoga.

4. Create a sensory bin. My daughter loves sensory bins. You could take a quick walk to collect items to include in your bin. My daughter loves using rice, corn, water, cars and animals in hers. She will play with them for hours.

5. Have a dance party. Throw on your best disco gear and dance your heart out. This is so much fun and great exercise too.

6. Have a tower building contest. Pull out your blocks and see who can build the tallest tower.

7. Create a yarn laser trap for your child to make it through. If they making through without touching the yarn you can reward then with some baking fun!

8. Play a game of hide and seek. My daughter likes to play a version where we take turns hiding her favorite doll and give clues to help find her! It’s a fun twist!

9. Have a doll tea party. Invite a few of your little’s favorite friends and their dolls and then have some tea. So fun!

10. Play hopscotch inside. Grab some tape and make your hopscotch blocks right on the floor. Your kids will have so much fun bringing this “outdoor fun” indoors!

What have you been doing indoors to beat the heat?

"Brown Camel" by Jeremy Cia at pexels.com (scaled, cropped and text added)

Image courtesy Jeremy Cia at pexels.com (scaled, cropped and text added)

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10 Cool Indoor Activities to Beat the Heat"

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Lisa Roberts

Thank you for the creative ideas! I especially like the yarn laser game! My little ones are teens now! We used to build forts out of sheets and couch cushions (ponytail holders and giant binder clips work great to hold sheets in place!) for a custom reading nook or doodling tent. We have also popped up our sunshade (1/2 tent) in the backyard or living room to create a special place to retreat. Now days my teens love the adult coloring books.


Great list. Work and scrapbooks have been high on our list this summer!


Sensory boxes are great! My little ones still nap but my toddler can get a little bored during the hot summer day and sensory boxes sounds perfect for him.


What great ideas! Especially number one! Free play is so important for the little ones!

Jasmine Watts

These are great fun ideas that can be performed inside the house! Thanks for sharing these.