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Do You Feel Lucky?
Author Interview With Free Printable for "Lucky, the Left Pawed Puppy"

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Billie Kelpin. She is the author of Lucky, the Left Pawed Puppy. Have you ever felt like you didn’t quite fit in? Well then this story will tug at your heart strings. Lucky, the Left Pawed Puppy (written by Billie Kelpin and illustrated by Julie Parker) is an adorable story about a little lefty who just can’t seem to get things right. Lucky1 Continue reading


Dear CozyPhones… Where Have You Been All of My Life?

Are you like me and you do all of your binge TV watching say between 8ish and well… whatever?!? I know I do and it is almost always on my iPad with a set of headphones for maximum relaxation. Or are you so tired of hearing your child’s favorite TV show over and over again? Or what about the rings, dings, “good jobs” or “SUPER” as they play their tablet while you try and clean the house? Sometimes “clean the house” is really code for having coffee and reading a book for a few minutes…CozyPhones3 Continue reading

"Subway Buffalo Chicken" by theimpulsivebuy at flickr.com (scaled and text added)

Challenging Your Inner Child While Parenting
My Sandwich is a Spaceship Book Review, Giveaway and Book Study

I recently took a Facebook test to determine whether I am predominantly right or left brained. For me this test was a no brainer (ha-ha). I got 75% right brain and 25% left brain. I was not surprised at all. I rely on my creative side daily and always have. I use it for problem solving and it is how I chose my career. I was a minority among my adult friends. Most of them had a higher left brain score. My husband often says that one of the things he likes the most about me is my childlike spirit.

"Subway Buffalo Chicken" by theimpulsivebuy at flickr.com (scaled and text added)

Image courtesy of theimpulsivebuy at flickr.com (scaled and text added)

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