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Lookin’ for Stuff in Too Many Places
Review of the Snuggin Pacifier Holder

Throw your hands in the air if your kids have lost something this week. Really. Throw them in the air and then wave them like you just don’t care because sometimes that is all you can do. Who knew little people could lose so much stuff? Now join me in a moment of silence for all of the time we have spent searching for their stuff. Seriously, I am so over it. Snuggin1 Continue reading


Epic Historical Battles… Dun Dun Dun
Book Review Of "Who Wins?"

Pokemon, Batman, Star Wars, and Wonder Woman. All of these are things that kids love. They all involve epic battles. Even shows like My Little Pony have feuds in them. It seems like the more conflict or action there is, the more kids love it. I’m thinking there could be a correlation between the two. You know what would be even better? If you could somehow incorporate this idea into learning, right? WhoWins Continue reading

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