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Up, Up and Away!

I recently had the pleasure of winning a hot air balloon ride. Yes, you heard that right, I won a hot air balloon ride! Let me tell you, it was absolutely AMAZING! I entered the contest without telling anyone and with my little girl in mind. She is a little dreamer and has been telling my husband and me that she wanted to ride in a hot air balloon since she was able to talk. We started taking her to our local balloon glow and launch before she was two and ever since she has dreamed of riding in a hot air balloon and touching the clouds. UpUpAndAway1 Continue reading


My Name is Deanna and I am a “Glamper”

I was one of those lucky kids that grew up taking road trips and going camping. I loved it! Sometimes my dad would just wake us up and we would hit the road! Don’t worry, we weren’t running from the law. My dad is just the adventurous hippy type. Some of my very best memories as a kid are these trips we used to take. We didn’t always have a destination but we always had fun! We slept in tents, our car and sometimes questionable motels. It was amazing! I got to see and learn so many amazing things as a kid because of these spontaneous trips.IMG_7331 Continue reading