"Kids run" by Melissa Wiese

Spring Break! Stay Calm While You Keep Your Kids Busy
15 Fun Ideas to Get You Through the Week

Ahhhhh… Spring is almost here! This means warm weather is near. It also means that spring break is approaching. If your house is anything like mine you will have kids that are busting with energy and ready to enjoy some fun activities.

"Kids run" by Melissa Wiese

Image courtesy of Melissa Wiese at flickr.com (scaled and text added)

My daughter is a planner so she loves to know what we are going to do each day. With all of this in mind I decided I would create a list of fun activities to enjoy during spring break. We take our vacation a little early as to avoid the crowds, so I needed to think of some fun and inexpensive activities to enjoy around town during the week off school. Here is what I came up with. The good news is that most of these are not specific to the town I live in so you can enjoy them no matter where you live.

1. Take your kids geocaching. This is a fun and free activity. There are several apps you can download on your phone to get you started. We love geocaching. You can do it almost anywhere. We have even found several in our own neighborhood.

2. Go for a swim. If you have a YMCA in your area, they have great deals on swimming even if you are not a member. We have several and many of them have fun slides and playground areas. You may want to call in the morning and see what the crowds are like. I know ours sometimes fill to capacity early in the day.

3. Go for a picnic. This is a great way to get out of the house and enjoy nice weather. My daughter loves to go on picnics.

4. Start a park journey. We have been trying to visit as many of our local parks as we can over the last few years. It is fun to see all of the different things they offer. We even have a few themed ones in our area.

5. Have a water day in your own yard. This could include things such as a kiddie pool, water guns, a water table and anything else you can think of. Collect some animals and cars and allow the kids to build habitats or a small city in the water. What fun!

6. Take weekend camping trip. If the weather is nice hit the road and do some camping. This is a great way for the entire family to blow off a little steam.

7. Go miniature golfing. This is such a fun way to spend the day. We even have some indoor courses for colder days.

8. Make a nature journal. My daughter loves taking walks around the neighborhood to collect nature and write about it. She also loves gluing samples to the pages. This is also a great way to throw in a little learning.

9. Take a hike. Hikes are a great way to get some exercise and tire the kids out.

10. Visit your local zoo. I have attached a scavenger hunt to take with you. This is a great way to keep their interest.

11. Go for a bike ride around your neighborhood.

12. Visit a few local museums. Many of them offer deals during spring break.

13. Take a class together. Places like Micheal’s, Home Depot and Joann’s offer fun classes for kids and parents. One of our local art schools offers classes as well. A yoga class would be another fun option.

14. Have a craft day. Invite a few friends over for some fun crafts. I like to just set the supplies out a see what they create.

15. Plant a garden together. My daughter and I have a fairy garden that we love to work on together. This is such a fun way to bond with your child.

What fun things will you do during your kids’ spring break?

"Jump on the Beach" by Yogendra Joshi

Image courtesy of Yogendra Joshi at flickr.com (scaled and text added)


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15 Fun Ideas to Get You Through the Week"

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Gardening is a great hobby to improve kids creativity also it helps them to understand the basics on saving this environment.

Let's Learn With Style
Let's Learn With Style

I agree, thanks so much for stopping by. :)


These are some great tips to hang out with kids to keep them busy!!

Nicole Escat

This is such a smart tips! My kids and I would be busy all day.

Jennifer Corter

Oh, these are GREAT ideas! Especially the geocaching one! I’ve wanted to try that myself for a while. These should definitely keep my little guy busy during spring break!

Lisa Rios

Some wonderful ideas that could be so handy for moms like me with couple of naughty kids at home. I love involving my kids in gardening & I take them to near by Museum & Zoos to make sure they gather some knowledge out of it.