"Brooks Lodge" by Max Goldberg at flickr.com (scaled and text added)

Snack Attack!
Fight Back with Healthy Choices

Do you have snackers at your house? My daughter is in a phase where should would rather snack all day then eat. I’m not really opposed to this, as several small meals throughout the day can be better than three heavy meals. The problem is finding healthy options we can agree on. Since she has a slight build, I like to make sure has a little protein with each snack. I have also found that I snack while preparing her snack. Oops! Healthier choices help me too.

"Brooks Lodge" by Max Goldberg at flickr.com (scaled and text added)

Image courtesy of Max Goldberg at flickr.com (scaled and text added)

This has been a hard nut to crack, but I only want the cream of the crop for the apple of my eye! I thought I would throw in a little food humor. I have been testing various snacks and here are some of our favorites. She’s one smart cookie but the transition to healthier choices was a piece of cake!

Apples and almond butter are a great choice. They are filling and have a lot of protein. You can substitute, sun butter, peanut butter or any other nut butter. You can even make your own nut butter if you are feeling ambitious. My daughter loves helping in the kitchen so it makes a fun and tasty activity.

Cucumber sandwiches are also tasty and filling. We like to put a lean meat choice and avocado on ours. My daughter loves eating these with character toothpicks!

Peanut butter banana rolls ups are another snack we love. These are so quick and easy to make. We use flatbread (Flatout brand is full of protein), almond butter and bananas. You can add a little honey for some sweetness. Local honey is great for fighting allergies.

My daughter loves lunchables. I however, am not a fan. To be honest, she doesn’t really like them either. She usually just eats the meat. I think it’s just the idea she likes. I have recently started creating my own version for her. I add celery, a boiled egg, cheese (cut into fun shapes), Flatout flatbread (also cut into fun shapes, apples and a side of nut butter. You can add a few carob chips if your kids want something sweet. We put ours in a little bento box, which she loves. I even tape a comic to the top to make it extra fun. She likes these even more than the store version. She looks forward to seeing the fun shapes and even loves helping.

Skinny bell pepper nacho boats are another tasty snack. They are so cute and tasty. You can find the recipe here: http://skinnyms.com/skinny-bell-pepper-nachos-recipe/
We do not use any reduced fat products in ours.

Lunch kabobs are another quick and easy choice. They are also a ton of fun. Who doesn’t love eating lunch on a stick? You can put virtually anything on them. We love lean meat, egg, grape tomatoes and olive. We also love making them with fruit. We often add tiny pieces of toast with nut butter on each end. Here is a link to some other great options.

I also created a printable to go along with this post:

Here are some books that would complement these activities.

Here are some fun games we found to help reinforce nutrition:

Here are some fun Bento boxes:

What are some of your favorite healthy snacks? We would love some new ideas. Please leave your favorite healthy snack in the comments so we can try it.


"Brooks Lodge" by Max Goldberg at flickr.com (scaled, cropped and text added)

Image courtesy of Max Goldberg at flickr.com (scaled, cropped and text added)

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Fight Back with Healthy Choices"

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Ana De- Jesus

I always end up snacking on unhealthy things like crisps so I am glad that there are some delicious but healthy options here. Really liking the sound of the cucumber sarnies x


My kids love to snack – all the time. In fact, they love it so much I just make the snacks into meals 🙂 One of the favorites at our house is raw pumpkin seeds, walnuts, and dates. Kind of a trail mix I guess, but a very plain one. The dates are super sweet, and the kids think of it almost like candy, and the walnuts and pumpkin seeds are great protein sources.

Cynthia Nicoletti

Great advice on what should be eaten. I have an addiction with chocolate so it is difficult.

Elizabeth Brico

I need to try some of these..my daughters have been driving me nuts constantly demanding snacks and not really eating dinner. I may have to resign to giving them HEALTHY snacks and letting go of the dinner idea :/ AT least until they are older

Ophelia Tang

These are great recommendations and advices. I would definitely incorporate these options for my summer diet. Thanks for sharing.