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Sharing Friendship With My Daughter
Book Study for Ellen Tebbits

Beverly Cleary? Yes please! Ramona Quimby, Ellen Tebbits, Henry Huggins, Ralph S. Mouse, Otis Spofford, and so many more. Raise your hand if you read one of these gems while you were growing up! I know I read more than one of them! Now I have the pleasure of reading them with my daughter.

"Blurry Cleary" by treybunn2 at flickr.com

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We recently read Ellen Tebbits and now she is hooked. This book is one of my favorites. I love that I could relate to it when I was a girl and now my daughter can relate to it years later. It is a timeless book about friends and the trials they face. She loves it so much that I knew a book study was necessary so she could enjoy it even after we were finished.

Ellen Tebbits is a DRA level 38. This makes it perfect for third graders. My daughter is in first grade so we buddy read this book. She did great. This story is about Ellen. She is a little girl who is in search of a new friend and makes one in an unexpected way. They form a bond over a shared secret in ballet class. The two friends have a quarrel and find themselves at odds. Will they be able to repair their friendship? Pick this book up and follow their adorable journey through friendship.

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My book study includes comprehension questions, vocabulary, a story map, comparison and contrast and more. As a bonus I have also included download links to a crossword puzzle and word search.

What great books have you been reading? What to do to keep the fun going once you have finished your books?

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Book Study for Ellen Tebbits"

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Yona Williams

OMGoodness…I remember some of the others, but completely forgot about Ralph S Mouse. Oh the memories! I haven’t heard of Ellen Tebbits before.


Thanks for the study. I haven’t read this, but it sounds like my daughter would love it!

Jennifer Corter

That’s pretty awesome! I can’t wait until my little guy learns to read so I can do something like this with him!

Nicole Escat

That looks so interesting and enjoyable! My little will love that. Thanks!


Ellen Tebbits sounds like a great read!! I need to checkout this!!