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Reward Yourself With Time While Teaching
Twinkl an Amazing Resource for All Educators

Homeschooling is challenging and rewarding. Many days we get caught up on one thing and don’t even get to everything that I had planned. I love that we have the freedom to focus on one area if we really want to. It makes me feel like school is enjoyable, and that is what I really want. Unfortunately, it can take away from my planning time too.

"Clock" by David Joyce at flickr.com (scaled and text added)

Image courtesy of David Joyce at flickr.com (scaled, cropped and text added)

My daughter really loves history right now. I am always looking for new resources to help her learn and keep her engaged. I recently was introduced to the most amazing resource. It has so much I could peruse it for hours. Actually, I do spend hours on Twinkl!

We have been studying Rome. My daughter really loves this unit. When we were done with the material I had prepared she wanted to learn more. I jumped on Twinkl and found everything from printable Roman paper soldiers to power point presentations that she read to me. There was so much available we extended our unit by about three weeks and still didn’t use everything they offered.

The site is broken down by grade and so easy to navigate. There is a section for home school, parents, daycare, adult education, new resources and my favorite, Imagine. Imagine is like a daily challenge problem for your students. Imagine is described as, “A creative resource with a new image every day. From quick discussion to in-depth learning, use it as a stimulus for a range of exciting topics. My daughter looks forward to checking out this section each day.

Another thing I love about Twinkl is that it is more than just a collection of worksheets to slap in front of your kid. There is even a Create section where you can make your own resources. It has a great tutorial and is so easy to use. The Plan It section is another area I love. It has detailed lesson plans that are separated by grade. They are then separated by subject and unit. They do all of the planning for you. I love that this allows me more time with my child. Now I don’t worry when we get caught up on something for too long. I know that a have a ton of resources just a click away. There is also an option for a school subscription. This is a great option for school districts.

I highly recommend this site for all educators. It is such a great resource. It will cut your planning time in half. It is so affordable and easy to use. You will wonder how you ever taught without it. Check it out here: http://www.twinkl.co.uk/

What resources do you use and love?

"Clock" by David Joyce at flickr.com (scaled, cropped and text added)

Image courtesy of David Joyce at flickr.com (scaled, cropped and text added)

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Twinkl an Amazing Resource for All Educators"

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Elizabeth O.

Sounds like a reliable website that’s perfect for teachers. it’s nice to have a database that has everything that you need to keep track of. it will definitely save you a lot of time!

katrina gehman

those are great options for educators, as well as pretty much anyone. thanks for sharing.

jill conyers

Sounds like an awesome resource for educators. I work with families that can use this.


This is a great site. I love the fact that you are a teacher. It is so hard to find quality material and I believe that this is a quality resource.

Natasha Botkin

Thanks! I am an educator and love finding new resources! xoxo