Portable North Pole

Want to see your child’s face light up with the click of a button? Bring the magic of Christmas alive and into your living room with Portable North Pole. This is an amazing app that lets you receive calls and messages from none other than the jolly man himself, Santa Clause.

Your child will be delighted and amazed as they hear Santa use their names and reveal details about what has been going on in their lives. It is a great tool for parents too, as you can use it to reinforce behavior. Just give them a gentle reminder and let them know Santa is always watching. You can even put them on the naughty list, although I hope none of your little ones land there. My daughter positively lights up each time she receives a message from the amazing PNP app. She checks it every day and loves playing the games while she waits. I also love the parent lock feature. Set your own personal pass-code and let them play on the app without worrying that they will find private Santa info. Shhh…

So now that you are as excited as I am hurry, go order! Even better save with this link and savings code.
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