Painting with Style on a Lazy Summer day

What is your favorite way to paint? My daughter is a self proclaimed artist so, as you can imagine, Pinterest and I are well acquainted. I am constantly pinning fun art projects and crazy craft ideas. We have an entire room devoted to craft supplies!IMG_6454

When I was a child, my mom was not a fan of messy crafts or messy anything for that matter. I decided early on cleaning could be done later. Crafting and memory making must be done now! So when I came across a pin that showed squirt gun painting I knew we had to try it. I decided it would be much more fun if we did it with a group of friends.

IMG_6390We decided to have a squirt gun painting play date and it did not disappoint. It was a perfect day of playing on a hot summer afternoon. We gathered a variety of squirt guns, paint, and small canvases and set up a station in the backyard. I asked the kids to wear bathing suits and we had a sprinkler available for them to run through when they were finished. The kids painted two at a time and had four colors to choose from. The final product was even better than I could have hoped for. Each painting was very beautiful and so unique. The kids were beaming with excitement. They were jumping, yelling and squirting away. It was a joy to watch.

IMG_6455After they were finished they ran through the sprinklers and played outside for a long time. Watching them run through the sprinklers reminded me that it is nice to slow down sometimes. I often forget to allow my daughter to enjoy some of the simple things that I did as a child. Things like running through the sprinkler, taking an afternoon bike ride, or sharing a picnic at the park. It reminded me that my mom may not have let me get down and dirty, but she did let me enjoy a lazy afternoon as a child. I think I’ll try and meet those two ideals somewhere in the middle. There will definitely be more Pinterest and crazy painting for us but there will be some slowing down too! Unfortunately, that still leaves us with a messy house from time to time. Sorry honey!

What are some of your favorite ways to paint? How do you slow down and keep life from getting too crazy?

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4 Comments on "Painting with Style on a Lazy Summer day"

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Now that you kids are older I wish I would have been a little more crafty snd not worry so much about the house. I guess as you get older you realize the things you thought were so important really weren’t! Sorry to my chikdren!

Let's Learn With Style
Let's Learn With Style

Every parent has at least one thing they wish they would have done differently. You worry and second guess because you are a great parent. I second guess myself everyday but know that my kids will be fine!(even if I do make them do too many crafts!) :)


So fun and not nearly as messy as I expected!

Let's Learn With Style
Let's Learn With Style

It was so fun! I expected them to get messier too!