Image courtesy of Marcus Anthony Crow

Painting Rocks
Bringing People Together

Painting and then hiding rocks has become this summer’s craze. Rock painting is taking place in cities everywhere and there are often social media pages devoted to this fun trend. The local Facebook page for my community, 719 Rocks!, has gained over 16,000 followers in a few months’ time. I must say, I think this is such a positive use of technology.

Image courtesy of Marcus Anthony Crow

Image courtesy of Marcus Anthony Crow

In my community rock painting and hunting has really brought people together. It is a beautiful thing to see. I love the support and positive response on my local social media channels. Many people have expressed how a rock they found brightened their day or made them feel special. This warms my heart! Small groups have even gotten together to paint and socialize. This is such a fun way to get out and meet new people in your own community.

They level of talent that I have seen has been mind-blowing. I find myself scanning my local page just to see the art. One artist in particular, Marcus Anthony Crow, continues to blow me away with his talent. He paints beautiful, meaningful work that is truly inspiring. He has gained many fans in our community and it is easy to see why! Whoever finds his amazing work will be gaining a masterpiece! I have shared his work below. Please take a moment to comment and let him know what you think.

Image courtesy of Marcus Anthony Crow

Image courtesy of Marcus Anthony Crow

I even created a page that caters to my own neighborhood. It has been fun to see the response and share a fun activity with neighbors. We are planning our own rock painting party and I can’t wait.

I am anxious to see this trend grow and bring more people together. I look forward to painting more rocks and hopefully making some new friends.

Have you joined in this new trend? Share your experience in the comments!


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Bringing People Together"

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David Elliott

I am impressed with the artistry here. I know that people have painted rocks and done pet rocks before. This goes far beyond that though. I am just highly impressed.

Marcus A. Crow

Thank you very much!


What a fab idea! It’s kinda like geo-caching but with painted rocks. Love this idea!
Katja xxx


Those painting rocks. It takes the act of creativity to achieve this.


Oh this is a nice activity. Never tried rock painting but was invited before. I guess it sounds fun. I hope I can experience this too.

Denay DeGuzman

I just found out about this new craze involving painting and hiding rocks! Via Facebook, I’ve seen some of the beautiful artwork friends have created on their rocks. What a great idea!