My Name is Deanna and I am a “Glamper”

I was one of those lucky kids that grew up taking road trips and going camping. I loved it! Sometimes my dad would just wake us up and we would hit the road! Don’t worry, we weren’t running from the law. My dad is just the adventurous hippy type. Some of my very best memories as a kid are these trips we used to take. We didn’t always have a destination but we always had fun! We slept in tents, our car and sometimes questionable motels. It was amazing! I got to see and learn so many amazing things as a kid because of these spontaneous trips.IMG_7331

One of my favorite things about my dad is his sense of adventure. It’s something I knew I wanted to share with my kids. I soon learned my parents were much more hardcore than I am. Let me tell you they were about as awesome as you can get! Sleeping in your car or on the ground, peeing outside and living on whatever the road brought us was awesome when I was a kid. But how did my parents do it?!? I have found the older I get the more difficult those things become! I still love camping, road trips and adventure but find I like some comforts as well. So, I decided glamping would be a perfect compromise! Luckily my husband (who is probably more hardcore than my parents were) understands and accepts my girly, wimpy side and got us a motorhome. I love it so much! We can take it anywhere! My kids still get the spectacular road trip experience and I get a bathroom (win-win).

IMG_7340Our motorhome home has seen states from Mississippi to Arizona. It has housed pets and large groups of people! It has been abused by small children and is so loved by my family. I love that we can take on a two week trip to the Grand Canyon or for a weekend trip an hour from home (which is sometimes all I need to regroup).

Planning trips with friends is also very fun. Watching the kids share adventures is so fun. Sharing s’mores and having drinks around the campfire at night is a great way for everyone to relax! Do you glamp or camp? What other things do you do to unwind?

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I grew up camping as well. Now my parents are the glampers, with the RV and the trailer. When the three of us (Husband and son) go camping, we bring tents. But, the RV isn’t far. So, it’s still pretty glampy. 😉


I think I like both glamping AND camping! With camping, I always feel closer to nature. With glamping, I feel closer to the people I’m with. Both have great benefits!!


Wow, I remember those camping road trips! Wish we all lived closer together so we could all go again! My days of tent, the car and those questionable hotels are over tho! And also those really short shorts Danny has on in that picture you poated are also out! Lol. They really were fun times tho! Love reading your articles. Keep them coming.


I’m so happy to join the glamping club and finally have a potty!

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Let's Learn With Style

I’m so happy you are in the glamping club too!