A Monthly Gift of Animals – Minus the Mess!
Zoobies, Zootles, Zoodinos and Zoobooks Giveaway

Do you have a little animal loving tweet-heart? Are animals your little one’s pup-of tea? If so, then I’m not lion when I tell you they will love Zoobooks! We recently received our first issue and we are toad-ally in love. Zoobooks1

My daughter has been dreaming of raising goats since she was two years old. Although goats and bunnies are her true loves, she adores all animals. She loves learning about animals and sharing facts with anyone that will listen, including cashiers, friends and neighbors. She was just sharing her love of bunnies with a cashier today.

I have been considering ordering Zoobooks for quite some time now. I was super excited when they approached me to look at their publications. They will be celebrating their 37th birthday this year. It is not difficult to see why they have been around so long! Each title is full of amazing kid friendly writing and illustrations. Animals will come to life right before your eyes. Even better, you get to avoid the animal mess. They have a variety of titles to choose from and cover a gamut of ages. We had the opportunity to look at each of the titles they offer and absolutely love them all.

Zoobies is a story time publication and is perfect for ages 0-3. It is filled with fun facts about animals, concepts such as counting, games, beautiful photographs and so much more.

Zootles is recommended for kids ages 3-6. Each issue features a letter, number and animal. It is filled with wonderful illustrations, photographs, games, facts, fun pages, stories, poems, science and so much more. We enjoyed learning about tigers in the issue we received. Did you know tiger paws are padded so they can hunt quietly? We also loved reading the adventures of Otto and Allie in this issue.

Zoodinos is for ages 5 and up. My 8-year-old was immediately drawn to this one. She said it reminds her of a comic book. It is filled with fun illustrations, poems, facts, stories, and so much more. We received the Tyrannosaurus Rex issue and loved the Fossil Hunter feature. My daughter is ready to grab her shovel and discover some amazing fossils.

Zoobooks was our favorite of all the publications we received. It is recommended for ages 6-12. I think kids older than 12 would love this one too. Our issue is about elephants. It also included a beautiful poster, animal fact cards and stickers. This magazine is filled with beautiful photos and amazing facts about the featured animal. It also includes a tear out activity section that we love. This issue is so educational. It covers, science, history, literature, art and more. I loved sitting down with my daughter and learning. Did you know there are two basic kinds of elephants and African elephants have ears the shape of Africa? Fascinating! We learned so much that my daughter asked if she could do a research paper on elephants. That is a win!

If you are not already subscribed to one of these amazing titles I urge you to check them out. Here is a link to their site: http://shop.zoobooks.com/Default.aspx

Their website offers all the titles I have mentioned and so much more. We will be ordering this: http://shop.zoobooks.com/Way-Cool-Wildlife-6-Video-Set-P374.aspx

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What subscriptions do you love?


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Zoobies, Zootles, Zoodinos and Zoobooks Giveaway"

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Katrina gehman

this is so cute! i love it, and i’m sure my kids would too.

Katrina gehman

that looks super cute and so much fun. i’m sure my kids would love this as well.

Ashleigh at Prairie Gal Cookin
Ashleigh at Prairie Gal Cookin

This looks AMAZING!! I love the idea and have to check it out!

Wildish Jess

I use to LOVE Zoobooks when I was younger. I hope I win so my boys can love them too!

Sandra crespo

My kids would love these books! I am going to look into them thank you for sharing