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Making a List And Tossing It Out
7 Gift Ideas Kids Will Love but Not Think to Ask For

Has your child been making a list and checking it twice? I know mine like to circle all of their favorite things in the endless catalogs we get in the mail. Seriously, where do all of those catalogs come from? I don’t have anything against toys but our playroom is already busting at the seams with colorful fun. I’m pretty sure the toys multiply while we are sleeping at night.

Image courtesy of Snapshots of The Past at (scaled, edited and text added)

Image courtesy of Snapshots of The Past at (scaled, edited and text added)

We always donate toys before Christmas but I still feel like we have way too many. So what do you give to the kid who already has EVERYTHING? I have compiled a list of our favorite non-toy gifts.

1. Magazine subscriptions are one of our favorite things to get and give. They give kids something to look forward to each month and many have fun activities in them. There are so many to choose from. You are sure to find one centered on your child’s interests.

2. Zoo or museum memberships are also a great gift idea. They are something kids and families can use all year. My daughter and I have a date day every two weeks so I love having memberships so we have inexpensive places to go. Memberships are also great for those days you can’t decide what you want to do.

3. Experiences are another wonderful gift. You can look for unique things in your area to do with your child. I know aquariums and zoos often offer special experiences. You could also try something like zip lining or a hot air balloon ride. The possibilities are really endless for this one.

4. Subscription boxes are everywhere these days and make wonderful gifts. We currently subscribe to kiwi crate and love it. My daughter looks forward to it each month and loves the crafts they include. They are great for those rainy or cold days when you are feeling stir crazy.

5. Family vacations are another wonderful Christmas gift. You could wrap the tickets in a fun theme based suitcase and include an outfit to wear while there. This gives the entire family something to look forward to.

6. Tickets to a show or concert also make great gifts. This is great for kids of all ages. You could even plan a special day centered just on the child. It could be a parent/kid date. What gift could be better than making memories?

7. Art or music classes are a wonderful way to allow kids to express their creativity. If you have a little artist this is a perfect gift. This will also allow your child to build confidence and feel independent. Many of these classes will end with a show or performance. You could wrap art supplies or a song book to get them excited about their new classes.

What is your favorite non-toy gift to give?

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7 Gift Ideas Kids Will Love but Not Think to Ask For"

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I loved this post when I read it pre-Christmas and love reviewing it now. The gift of an experience is THE BEST gift. Memories are longer lasting than plastic junk that’s for sure <3 Thanks so much for linking up!


We do quite a few of your suggestions for presents. My favorite is giving experiences. Last year we took our daughter to visit family in Penn. and wrapped in a ski day and visit to New York. Made up a little ‘brochure’ as a gift and she loved it!

Let's Learn With Style
Let's Learn With Style

What a great idea!

Kimberly Cox

Great list. So many of these will be gifts in the future. Right now my kids are super little and most of these are harder to enjoy right now, but as they get older we will definitely be considering these :)

Jasmine Watts

I love the idea of making lists and also like magazine subscriptions!!

Jacqui Odell

I am always making lists!! (I love the idea of getting tickets!)