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If You Can Do It, It Is a Verb
6 Fun and Easy Ways to Teach Verbs

Teaching your kids can and should be fun. This is not always easy, but teaching verbs makes it easy. So hop, skip, jump, run and swing. Go ahead, do it all and let your kids join in the fun.

Courtesy of Steven Depolo at (scaled and text added)

Courtesy of Steven Depolo at (scaled and text added)

If you can do it, it is a verb. Verbs are one of the easiest parts of speech to teach and so much fun. Let your child show what verbs do. I have compiled a list of fun ways to teach this part of speech! The good news is not only will you be learning you will be burning a few unwanted calories along the way. Bonus!

One of my all-time favorite ways to teach and learn is through music. The good news is kids love it too. This is an excellent way to teach the parts of speech. You could use Shurley Grammar, which is an excellent program. You could also focus on the specific part of speech with fun raps. Try this link:
It focuses on teaching verbs and is so much fun!

Another fun way to teach verbs is to let your children act them out. I like to write different verbs out on the sidewalk with sidewalk chalk and let my daughter read them and then do them. This is such a great way to learn because doing is learning. You can also reverse the roles and let them write the words and you do the action. This is a great way to teach and it gives your child a sense of empowerment.

Books are another great way to teach verbs. There are books that are specifically geared toward teaching verbs but you could really use any book. Just grab a pile of books and start reading. Challenge your child to find as many verbs in the stories as they can. You could give them a reward scale to make it a challenge. Ten verbs equals staying up 10 minute past your bedtime, fifteen verbs equals a trip to the park, twenty verbs equals a trip to the ice cream parlor and so on. You could even challenge them to find more verbs than you. Make it a game.

Mad libs are one of my favorite ways to teach the parts of speech. Although it does not focus specifically on verbs it definitely uses them enough for the child to understand proper usage. The good news is you will throw in a few other parts of speech too. You could expand on this and have them write their own version of a mad lib.

Pictionary is another fun way to teach verbs. You could print up some picture cards and have them draw or even act them out. This would be such a fun play date. You could even ask guest to bring their own Pictionary verb cards. Another fun idea would be to have a station where they create a few verb cards before they play.

Last but not least, simply have them draw the verbs and then use them in a sentence. If you home school you can alternate with writing and verbal, one sentence on paper and one out loud. My daughter is only in first grade so this keeps her from getting too tired and allows me to make sure she is retaining the information.

What fun ways have you used to teach verbs or the other parts of speech?

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Courtesy of Andre Chinn at (scaled and text added)

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6 Fun and Easy Ways to Teach Verbs"

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Irene Kot

Wow! What a cool method. I will definitely use it when my daughter will start speaking. Now, she is only one year and we only have to guess what she is trying to say. But it’s so cute – a real challenge! Thank you for good advice.

Jules Ruud

I love your lessons, I have finally started pinning them.

Jasmine Watts

These are great ideas.! I love the sidewalk chalk and book idea.

Jonathan Key

These are some great ideas! We’re just starting pre-k stuff with our 3.5 year old. So this is very timely. Happy new year and best wishes in 2016! Keep up the great content!


Great ideas! I love the idea of using Mad Libs or Pictionary.