I Want to Read About Me!
3 Printable Activities For "Stories About Me"

The little miss and I have recently been reading Stories About Me by Sara Alice. When we received this book my daughter was immediately excited to see the cover. There is a place in the center of the cover for a photo of none other than your little cutie. What could be better than having your photo on the cover of a book? The new dilemma was whether she would draw the photo or we would take one to attach. This book is already promoting decision making and that is a great thing. StoriesAboutMe1

Opening the book provided even more joy. This book is so fun and interactive. It allows opportunity to stop and solve problems, play games, bake, discuss safety and so much more. What is even more exciting is that my daughter was able to become part of the story. She could write her name, friends’ names and answers to questions in the book. So fun! I love that she is learning as we read and she is so excited about what she is learning. She even involved my husband in some measuring. She was measuring everything around the house for days. I think circumference is her new favorite word. I love that it created a little spark in her.

This book includes things such as math lessons, safety scenarios and so much more. It also provides invaluable bonding time with your child. The games and activities require both child and parent to be invested and engaged. They create opportunities for open dialogue and questions, both of which are so important to a child’s development. As we finished each chapter we find ourselves excited about what we would do next.

This book is a perfect book to start off your summer. It provides a bridge to their next year of learning. The best part is they are so engaged they won’t know they are learning. If you have a child in grades K-4 I highly recommend picking up this book. You will not regret the quality time spent reading and sharing activities.

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I have included a few extension activities that I did with my daughter. She got so excited about some of the lessons I wanted to provide more learning opportunities for her.
Printable Activities for "Stories About Me"

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3 Printable Activities For "Stories About Me""

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One of my nieces is into reading. She has a lot of books. This is a cute idea and fun.

Tamara Goyette

My daughter is all about measurements right now, so the about me part just makes it even more fun


That is a really cute idea and looks like lot of fun!! Perfect for kids!!

Nicole Escat

This book is amazing. I want to get this for my girls. This is such a fun way for kids to learn.

Jacqui Odell

I love this!! This is a great activity for this summer.