How Tough Can Spelling Bee?

How Tough Can Spelling Bee?
4 Fun Activities to Learn Spelling Words

Spelling is one of those things that many people struggle with for years. My daughter is a first grader this year so we added a list of spelling words to her curriculum each week. She really loves learning the new words but she is always worried she won’t know them at the end of the week. How Tough Can Spelling Bee?Even though we reassure her, she still talks about her words throughout the week. I want her to learn the words without feeling the pressure of a test. I decided to integrate fun ways to learn the words and then test her throughout the week without her knowing by doing fun activities with the words. Here are a few of the fun activities that we have incorporated into our day for spelling.

My daughter loves using colored pencils and crayons. She is an artist at heart. If she can add color to something she will. Her world is full of color and she loves it that way. I decided incorporating this into spelling would be fun. Each week she writes her words in rainbow colors. She is free to make them as colorful as she wants to. She loves the creative freedom and I love that she is learning. She loves this so much that we even started creating art with her words. She draws a picture using her words and labels the finished product with her words.

Do your kids like using pens? I know mine do. I decided spelling words would be a great time to allow a pen. I created a license to use a pen for my daughter. It comes with responsibility and rules just like a real license. She can only use it on certain assignments and has to present her license to me first. Sometimes we even use it as a reward system. Who knew using a pen could be so powerful! I guess the pen is mightier than the sword.

Learning outside is always welcomed in our house. I think it is nice to get out in the fresh air and learn and play at the same time. Using sidewalk chalk or play dough to write or construct your words is the perfect outside learning opportunity. Sometimes we even incorporate the words into our hopscotch game. Each word is assigned a number. For example duck is one. We use dice and she can go that many spaces if she can spell the word correctly. I also have more than one word for each number since the dice only goes up to six. This means both duck and luck would be assigned to number one and given at different times during the game. This is so much fun and a great way to add a little movement. She also likes to quiz me with the words. I like this twist because she gets to be in control a little but is still learning.

Finding hidden words is fun and exciting. It puts a little mystery in the day and allows your child’s imagination to take off. A fun way to incorporate this into spelling is to write the words with a white crayon and then paint over it with water colors. Watch the magic happen not only on the paper but on your child’s face as well.

What is your favorite way to practice spelling words?

How Tough Can Spelling Bee?

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4 Fun Activities to Learn Spelling Words"

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Michelle T

I just have my girls write their spelling words five times each then I test them on them. Then they write the ones they got wrong another five times each.

Jonathan Key

These are some really great ideas! Something we could use for our little one too. Spelling was not my strong point in school but it’s really important for kids of all ages.

paula schuck

I enjoy spelling and I find it easy. My daughter does not. My one daughter can use some of these ideas!

Jessica Harlow

I love your ideas to make it more fun. Spelling is actually something I’ve always enjoyed…I love words. Now math, on the other hand, definitely stresses me out and I always needed to find ways to learn the concepts.


spelling has always been one of my strong subjects – but it’s SO important to make ANY subject fun for kids