Trouble Organizing Your Essential Oils? Soothing Terra Is on the Case!
Soothing Terra Essential Oils Case Giveaway

Have you jumped on the essential oil train yet? I know I have! I haven’t replaced all of my modern medicine with them but I definitely use them and love them. My daughter can’t go to sleep without her diffuser going in her room. I also find that they help her focus when we are doing school work. EoilCase1_2

The problem I have run into is how to store them. I find myself with bottles here and bottles there and no real system of organization for them. That is why I was really happy to find www.soothingterra.com . They provide a variety of quality products that help you store and preserve your oils. They are ideal for home storage as well as for travel. There is even a case for your key chain. They come in a variety of sizes and colors and are crafted of high quality materials that help protect your oils from light and other potential damage. Their site is also filled with an abundance of information on oils and their benefits. I encourage visiting their site not only for their amazing products but for their wealth of knowledge.
The July 11, 2016 Soothing Terra Essential Oils Case Giveaway is now closed.

What oils have you been using lately?


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Soothing Terra Essential Oils Case Giveaway"

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I’ve been thinking about hanging a spice rack in the bathroom to hold my oils. This would be a great travel case.


My mother in law needs this for sure! I have a couple, but she has a drawer FULL! This would make a great gift for her!

Nicole Escat

I love the Lavender and Vanilla Essentials oils. My mom also used it and she really loves it.

Lisa Rios

I have been using Essential Oils at home for past few years in abundant. Soothing Terra sounds like a wonderful option as one such essential oils case would be very much handy anytime.


I entered and my fingers are crossed!! Love essential oils, my favorites are eucalyptus and lavendar.