"Easter Eggs" by Ketzirah Lesser & Art Drauglis

Easter: Let’s Get Real
6 Educational Activities to Celebrate Easter

Easter is such a wonderful holiday and it is my daughter’s favorite holiday. She loves everything about Easter. Her favorite traditions are making Resurrection Rolls, dressing fancy, completing our Resurrection Eggs and (of course) coloring Easter Eggs.

"Easter Eggs" by Ketzirah Lesser & Art Drauglis

Image courtesy of Ketzirah Lesser & Art Drauglis at flickr.com (scaled and text added)

I love seeing how excited she gets about everything! We always focus on the real meaning behind the holiday but we also celebrate the commercial side at our house a little too. With that being said, I do think it is important to put the focus on the real meaning behind Easter. I want to make sure my kids don’t only get caught up on stuffed bunnies, chocolate and coloring eggs. Here are a few fun activities that help will your little ones get the true meaning behind Easter and have a little fun along the way.

As I mentioned above, one thing we love doing is making Resurrection Rolls. These are so easy to make and really give your kids a great visual on the miracle behind Easter. I have attached a small lesson to go along with this idea. The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name by Sally Lloyd-Jones is a great companion for the lesson.

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Resurrection Eggs are another way to give kids a great visual on the Easter story. Each egg contains a small trinket or picture that links to the story. You can buy a set or create your own. I have provided a Pinterest link below if you would to get started on your own set.

The Buck Denver Asks: What’s in the Bible? series has some great tools for helping your child understand Easter. Their videos and books do an amazing job of teaching and engaging children and adults. Volume 10: Jesus is the Good News does a great job of teaching about the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. They also have a wonderful book titled What Is Easter? by Phil Vischer. I highly recommend this series. They can be purchased using my Amazon affiliate links below, from local bookstores and many other places. In addition, the entire Buck Denver Asks: What’s in the Bible? series is available in streaming format with a subscription to JellyTelly.com.

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Another fun idea is to create a Resurrection Garden. There are several variations on this idea. I have attached a link to one that I really liked.

Using water colors is another fun way to teach about the true meaning of Easter. First, read a story about Easter (we like Bible Big Books: the Miracle of Easter by Group Publishing). Then provide each child with a tomb to paint. I like to print them out on card stock. Before you give it to them write “He is Risen” with a white crayon. As the students paint the words will appear.

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Creating an Easter Story Bracelet is another fun interactive way to teach kids about Easter. This activity is great for tactile learners. Each bead represents a different part of the story. I have listed the colors and meaning below.

  • Bead 1: Red is for the blood Jesus gave.
  • Bead 2: Green is for the palms that were waved.
  • Bead 3: Yellow is for God’s bright light.
  • Bead 4: Orange is for the edge of night.
  • Bead 5: Black is for the sins we have committed.
  • Bead 6: White is for the Grace given to us.
  • Bead 7: Purple is for the sorrow Jesus suffered.
  • Bead 8: Pink is for the new life promised.

What have you been doing to celebrate this Easter season?

"Easter Bunny" by somewhereintheworldtoday

Image courtesy of somewhereintheworldtoday at flickr.com (scaled and text added)


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6 Educational Activities to Celebrate Easter"

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angela milnes

Such a good idea and this is so creative. Glad you share this.


I think it’s important to celebrate Easter in its Christian aspect too.

Elizabeth Brico

These sound like fun activities for Christian families


The only thing I’ve done this Easter is write exams and that’s sad

Sondra Barker

This is so creative! I can see how this would make Easter fun.