The Wolf Is Coming and It Is No Surprise!

Today we read Joe Kulka’s Wolf’s Coming. This story puts a fun twist on the story of the wolf. The forest animals are scrambling to get themselves ready as the wolf approaches. WolfIsComingThere is much to do to prepare for his arrival. What would you do first? Grab this book and follow the pigs and their friends as they prepare for the arrival of the wolf. This book is recommended for grades K-2.

We decided to do a fun monster painting craft to go with this. You will need: paint (we used glitter pens too), paper, googly eyes and puff balls. First grab your paper and put drops of paint and glitter paint in the center. This can be done in any design you like but try not to use too much. Next you will fold your paper in half make sure to match up the corners of your paper to create a perfect fold (be careful as some of the paint may squish out). Then open the paper back up. You have created a monster face! Just add googly eyes, a puff ball nose and use your glitter pen to create a mouth. This activity is great for teaching symmetry. This activity also promotes language and literacy development. By engaging in creative play, children can learn new vocabulary words as well as learn to associate pictures with words.

What have you been reading?


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