Crafting MacGyver or Not?
5 Thanksgiving Crafts That ANYONE Can Do

Holiday crafting with kids, it is everywhere. There are adorable turkey crafts made out of just about everything form toilet paper rolls to your child’s own hand print. Do you look forward to crafting with your kids or dread it? FeltNapkinRings2

Are you a crafting MacGyver (you can turn a matchstick and thread into a beautiful Thanksgiving centerpiece) or a crafting Grinch (you see a craft stick and run)? Regardless of where you fall on the crafting spectrum, you will be able to complete these Thanksgiving crafts with ease. You will feel relaxed and accomplished at the end of your crafting day! Hopefully…

1. The first is a Turkey Pumpkin. You will need a pumpkin (we used a carve-able one from Hobby Lobby), foam or construction paper, fabric or real leaves if you desire, googly eyes, a glue gun , and scissors.

  • Cut the head, beak, snood and the feet from the construction or foam paper.
  • Glue the beak, snood and googly eyes on the head.
  • Glue the back of the head to the stem of the pumpkin. We also cut a small slit into our pumpkin to insert the head since we had a carve-able pumpkin.
  • Glue the feet to the front of the pumpkin.
  • Glue several leaves in the back of the pumpkin to make the tail feathers and one on each side for the wings.

Now you have an adorable centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table.TurkeyPumpkin TurkeyPumpkin2

2. Craft Stick Scare Crow. For this you will need wooden craft sticks, cardboard, glue, googly eyes, markers, foam square, foam stickers or decorations, straw pieces and flower petals.

  • Gather 5 large wooden craft sticks lay the out side by side and glue them down on top of the piece of cardboard.
  • Glue straw pieces and silk flower petals to the top of the craft sticks to create hair.
  • Make your hat. This can be done in any shape you desire. Glue over the straw and flower pieces at the top of the craft sticks. You may want to use a glue gun if you have one so it will dry faster and stick better.
  • It is time to add the face. Glue your googly eyes on, add a triangle nose and draw a smile with your maker.

Ta-da you have a wonderful scarecrow decoration to display or gift to someone!CraftStickScareCrow CraftStickScareCrow2

3. Craft Your Kid’s Lunch! This is one of my daughter’s favorite things. Right now she is all about the turkey sandwich, in more ways than one. I have provided a picture to show you what we are doing around our house for lunch!
What is on your lunch menu?TurkeySandwich

4. Felt Napkin Rings are the perfect addition to any Thanksgiving table. You could make tiny corncobs, turkeys, pilgrims or anything with a Thanksgiving theme. We decided to make turkeys. You will need felt in a variety of colors (we used orange, brown, red and yellow), googly eyes and a glue gun or graft glue. I have included a template for the turkeys: TurkeyNapkinRingTemplate1.pdf

  • Trace each piece and cut them out.
  • Fold the napkin ring into a circle, overlap and glue, you can use a paperclip or close pin to hold it together while it dries.
  • Next, glue the feathers to the back of your napkin ring. These can also be clipped into place. Set the napkin ring aside.
  • Then begin creating your turkeys face. Once you are done with the face, glue this piece to the front of the napkin ring and allow to dry.

Repeat if you would like to have a set. These will look adorable on your Thanksgiving table!FeltNapkinRings

5. The last one is super simple. You probably won’t even need to help once you have prepared and set up the supplies. If you have an older child you may not need to do anything.

    • Just cut the center out of a paper plate.
    • Give them a handful of silk, felt or foam leaves and let them glue away.

Once they are finished you will have a Beautiful Fall Wreath to display in a place of your choice or if your child is like mine, their choice. 😉

What is your favorite Thanksgiving craft?


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5 Thanksgiving Crafts That ANYONE Can Do"

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These are so cute and I love the napkin ring :-)


Those are so fun. A great way to dress up your table


I have the desire to craft, but not the talent, so these are perfect for me! I’m trying out a couple for Thanksgiving next week. :)


Those are all very cute!

Liz Mays

I don’t know that I have a fave because I do something different every time. However, YOURS might become favorites this year!