Conquer, Divide and Multiply
6 Fun Hands-On Ways to Practice Multiplication and Division

My daughter has recently started learning multiplication and division. I am happy to report that she loves it. She gets so excited and tells me how fun learning is. That is such a win! DivideMultiply1

I’m not going to lie. I have a love/hate relationship with math so I was a little worried. She is a kinesthetic learner so I knew a hands-on approach would work best for her. I’m also not a fan of memorization. I think this method takes away from learning concepts that are needed as a student progresses in math. My challenge was to find fun exciting ways to teach and learn these math concepts.

Here are some of the way I have succeeded in making learning multiplication and division fun!

1. Grab some dice and make it a game! Get rid of flash cards and practice multiplying and dividing using a fun hands-on method. Roll the dice to find out what two numbers you will be using.

2. With all the little techies roaming around these days, technology and computer games are also a great way to learn. Here is a game we love:

3. Have students create an illustration of their math problems. Illustrations help students visualize the problem. They can create a multiplication journal. Each day give them a few problems to illustrate. They will end up with a wonderful visual to refer to. For example, Suzy had 12 apple slices and 3 friends. How many apples did each friend receive?

4. Using marbles or another manipulative is also a fun hands-on way to learn. My daughter loves practicing her multiplication and division problems using marbles. She treats each problem as a mystery to solve. This is a great way to learn in a repetitive way without feeling the pressure of memorizing facts.

5. Chocolate chip math has become one of our favorite games. It is a wonderful game that challenges students to solve math facts to earn chocolate chips. We sometimes substitute the plastic chips with real ones. Once the game is over they are a yummy treat!

6. I also found this fun Multiples Pyramid from Teaching With Simplicity. We tried this today and my daughter had so much fun. What a fun way to master skip counting!
multiples pyramid

What fun methods are you using to master math facts?


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6 Fun Hands-On Ways to Practice Multiplication and Division"

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Shann Eva

Such awesome ideas! My son is in first grade, and already I’m worried about how I’m going to help him with his math homework. I’m guessing they will be doing multiplication and division next year, so I’m saving these ideas to use. Thank you!