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Confessions of a Thrifty Junkie

Are you a thrift store junkie like me? I am positively addicted to thrift store shopping! It is a great way for a homeschool family, like mine, to stay within our budget.thrift store

I love finding amazing deals and then quizzing my husband to see if he can guess what I paid. It’s my own little game show! He always guesses $1. I’m convinced it’s because he loves to hear me go on about what a GREAT deal I got. By the way I love it when I really did get the item for a dollar or less so I can shock him a little. He even gives me thrift store wish lists now. What’s better than your husband asking you to shop? Okay, possibly bringing home chocolate cake for no reason but it’s close.

I love all thrift stores and couldn’t possibly rule one out completely, but I do have a few favorites. ‘Sisters Thrift and Boutique’ is one of those on my favorites list because they always have a dollar rack, from which, I have gotten several adorable sundresses and cardigans. They have brands such as H&M, Banana Republic and Gap. I even got a pair of Tory Burch flats there once for $8. Total Score! I was overjoyed because I would never buy them at retail prices. They also have several buy one get one free days, usually near major holidays.

Another favorite is the ‘Thrift House’. This is run mainly by a group of volunteers. They are so lovely. Every time I walk in I’m greeted by a smiling face. Many of the volunteers even remember my six year old daughter, which she loves. This store gets several high end and unique items. Oftentimes they even have vintage toys, which tends to make me feel a little nostalgic. I also love their record collection. My son is an avid collector and I love flipping through trying to find a gem for him. One that I recently found was “Peter and the Wolf” with music by the New York Philharmonic.

My favorite part of thrift store shopping is seeing my six year old daughter’s face as she takes in all the unique items. She says “I love shopping vintage mama because every item has a story”. She’s right! I hope you check these stores out and love them as much as I do.

What are some of your favorite thrift stores and greatest scores?

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Deanna I also like thrift store shopping, but never find the great deals you find. I do much better at yard sales. I enjoy reading your blogs!

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Another great article Cousin!!!! Keep up the good work! Love and miss you!

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Thanks, your support means so much! Love you!