A Christmas Tradition to Remember
Elf Training Camp at The Melting Pot

Do you have a holiday bucket list? Even if you don’t, you will want to add The Elf Training Camp to your must-do list this holiday season! Your heart will melt right along with the fondue as you watch your child take the steps to become a little elf. meltingpot1

Our little elf-in-training was immediately greeted by two jolly elves. She grinned from ear to ear as they interacted with her and provided time for a photo. We were then seated in a magical Christmas themed tent and the fun began! One of the first things they did was create elf names. Each child got to announce their name and was made to feel very special. The names were so cute and silly. We now have a Cuddly Sugar Plum. There was also coloring, singing, games, limbo, dancing and much Christmas cheer.

One of the activities I liked the best was each little elf chose a country and the Head Elf taught them a little about Christmas in that country. Lunch AND education! A win-win! It was all spread out perfectly throughout our four courses of amazing food!

The first course included bread, veggies and tasty cheese fondue. The second course gave you a choice of salad or fruit! We opted for salad and they were delicious! We then moved on to the main course which was our little elf loved. She finished her plate and part of ours. It included beef, pork, shrimp, ravioli, chicken, potatoes, veggies and a variety of tasty sauces. The servers gave us instructions and we cooked the course in our own little pot. So much fun! The instructions were very clear and we had fun deciding what we would try next. Our little elf called it “Fun-Do”!

Since we are a family of dessert lovers, the dessert course was probably our favorite. It had everything from cake to marshmallows. The Head Elf in our tent came by and gave us a sprinkle of peppermint in the chocolate fondue. Yum! I asked my daughter what her favorite part of the day was and she said, “ALL of it!” That is sure to make your heart melt! She is still talking about all of the fun she had!

My favorite part was seeing my child’s face light up as she took in all of the Christmas spirit. This was due to the top notch service we experienced! Everyone there was amazing! The Head Elf in our tent exceeded any expectations I could have had! He was so enthusiastic, energetic and genuine with the kids. He made it all about them! When they asked to repeat a game they had already played he said to them, “This is your day, let’s do it!”

Give your kids their special day of elf training! Make your reservation before it is too late!
Adults: $45 / Kids 4-12 yrs: $25 / wee-ones 3 and under are free

What Christmas tradition did you start this year?


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Elf Training Camp at The Melting Pot"

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Omg how fun!!! My daughter would have a blast at something like this!

Annemarie LeBlanc

Must be a great experience for little kids! I will take my grandchildren for some “elf training” once they are old enough. It would be so much fun! :)


Elf training! How sweet! Such a fun idea.


Yum! I love The Melting Pot, but I’ve never heard of them doing this! I’ll have to check it out for sure!


What a fun a way to celebrate the holidays.