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"Shopping" by Roderick Eime at (scaled, cropped, logo and text added)

Retail Therapy with Groupon
Groupon Coupons Will Help You Shop Smarter

Raise your hand if you have used Groupon. I know my hand is up. Now raise your hand if you love a great coupon for a “brick and mortar” or online store. What if you could use those two things together? I know I would be all in! Who doesn’t love saving money? For a homeschooling family, like mine, saving money is a must!

"Shopping" by Roderick Eime at (scaled, cropped, logo and text added)

Image courtesy of Roderick Eime at (scaled, cropped, logo and text added)

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Mom: The Heart of the Family

Moms. They are often overworked, underappreciated, tired, messy and loved more than they know. They are also so grateful for the amazing title they have been given. Being a mom has made me love my mom even more. My mom is strong, courageous, beautiful and giving. What comes to mind when you think of your mom? Here is what some of my friends had to say about their moms. Mom1 Continue reading


Elves in Training
A Very Special Lunch Show for Children

Do you want to add magic to your little ones’ Christmas? Melting Pot has a wonderful lunch show that includes elf training, good food and so much more. The Melting Pot is the original fondue restaurant where guests can enjoy several fondue cooking styles and a variety of unique entrees, salads, and unforgettable desserts. But we’re more than just a restaurant. We’re a unique destination offering a dining experience unlike any other. meltingpotelf Continue reading