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"Clock" by David Joyce at (scaled and text added)

Reward Yourself With Time While Teaching
Twinkl an Amazing Resource for All Educators

Homeschooling is challenging and rewarding. Many days we get caught up on one thing and don’t even get to everything that I had planned. I love that we have the freedom to focus on one area if we really want to. It makes me feel like school is enjoyable, and that is what I really want. Unfortunately, it can take away from my planning time too.

"Clock" by David Joyce at (scaled and text added)

Image courtesy of David Joyce at (scaled, cropped and text added)

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A Journey of Freedom
The Story of the Pilgrims - a Story of Growth and Friendship

The Story of the Pilgrims by Katherine Ross, is a wonderful story of the Pilgrims journey to America. The illustrations are colorful and it kept my seven year old engaged. pilgrims1 Continue reading

A Class Act
There's a Cat in Our Class - a Story of Acceptance

A cat in your classroom? That may seem a little strange to just about anyone. If you are a class full of dogs it’s just down right disruptive. There’s a Cat in Our Class! A Tale About Getting Along by Jeanie Franz Ransom, is an adorable story about acceptance and friendship. catclass1 Continue reading

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