Attacking Homeschooling Head-On

I have an amazing job! I get to stay home and care for my family, which includes homeschooling my six year old daughter. I am a teacher by trade so you would think this would be the easiest job in the world for me. That, however, is not always the case. In some ways I feel even more pressure than I did when I was a classroom teacher.



When I was a classroom teacher, lesson planning and teaching came easily to me. I was fun, energetic, engaging, and really enjoyed my job (not that I don’t enjoy it now). I could almost do it in my sleep. It was second nature, an inherent part of me. So why does teaching my daughter sometimes feel like such a struggle?

My daughter is a great student who is very eager to learn and I enjoy teaching her as well. It’s just that, now, I question myself more and don’t feel as successful. It’s not that she isn’t making progress. She definitely is and, although I still worry about that too, my biggest concern is that I’m not making it an enjoyable environment for her. Maybe I am not teaching to her learning style, or I am being too hard on her? Am I teaching too little or am I teaching too much? Is she getting enough socialization? Maybe, because I only have one child to focus on, I just over think everything.

I feel as though I am struggling to teach her the way she deserves to be taught. That is in the same fun, energetic way that I taught for years. Why is this? Why can’t I find the teacher I know I am and hold on to her? I have even thought, at times, that maybe it would be better if I sent my daughter to public school so she could experience the kind of teacher that I was to my students. I want my daughter to love learning! I want her learning styles to be met in a firm and loving environment, so she will have a lifelong love of learning. Am I providing this? When I was teaching it was easy to answer this.

This year I’m going to change things up a bit and take some of the hum drum out of our days. So I’m going to set some goals for this year. A few of my goals are to incorporate more science experiments and act out history. After all, who doesn’t love an exploding volcano or making cookies in a pizza box, OUTSIDE! Or what about dressing up as your favorite historical figure and putting on a play for your family, friends, and neighbors? I’m all in and I think she will be too! This will be fun and exciting for both of us. I’m also going to sign us up for a sewing class. I see a great year in our future.

Do any of you find that you struggle with the same issues? If so how do you cope? How do you balance being a parent and a homeschool educator?

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