I am a wife to Charles, “MomGyver” to Cameron and Claire, an educator and a lover of adventure. My kids are 22 and 7 (yes you read that correctly). Disclaimer: If you are considering spacing your kids by 15 years please know that they will still fight. They will also melt your heart daily! HeadShot1

My husband, Charles, works in computers and is an amazing supporter of my sometimes wild ideas. I am so blessed to have him as my partner is this crazy life. Cameron is 22. He obtained his Associates of the Arts degree and is now attending film school. He makes me proud every day. I am so proud to be his mom. Claire is a sassy, sweet and energetic 7 year old who dreams of becoming a goat farmer (you also read that correctly and it is even cuter when you see how very girly she is). She is amazing and I’m pretty sure she will rule the world someday.

I enjoyed teaching in the public school system for several years and developed of love of teaching challenging students. I believe all children can and will love learning if you meet their individual style of learning in a loving and firm environment.

This blog will follow the many adventures we have as a homeschooling family. I believe kids should be kids and taught in a fun way that is unique to them and their individual style of learning. Please join us on the adventures we take each week as we learn with style!