"The outdoor fairy garden" by Fred Ortlipat flickr.com (scaled, cropped, blur effect and text added)

A Fairy Fun Project

In the last two years my daughter and I have created a fairy garden together. These are often made in small pots or whiskey barrels. However, we were having so much fun that we decided we needed something much bigger.

"The outdoor fairy garden" by Fred Ortlipat flickr.com (scaled, cropped, blur effect and text added)

Image courtesy of Fred Ortlip at flickr.com (scaled, cropped, blur effect and text added)

Last year, in our first fairy garden, we used a raised garden bed that we had in our backyard. We spent hours adding buildings, flowers, and elaborate walking trails made out of shells and rocks we had collected. This year we are in a new house and did not have a raised garden bed to work in so I found an old plastic pool on a local moms site (for free) and we were back in business!

We began planting, building and creating a beautiful little place for fairies to avoid the rain. Claire let me know that fairies are not able to fly when they are wet, so proper shelter is very important. She even refuses to add buildings that don’t have an opening because the fairies wont be able to get in. I love the way kids think! My amazing husband will sometimes use his Dremel tool to create openings in buildings that don’t have one.

This year we have added a wide variety of items for the fairies including tiny gardening tools. We also planted sugar snap peas this year. Claire was very worried the fairies would get rained on and not have any food. Next year she plans on offering a little more variety within the garden.
fairy garden 006

We get our fairy decor at places like Hobby Lobby, thrift stores and local selling sites. We also use things that we find on our nature walks. This project has been so much fun. As a bonus, it is also educational. She has learned the difference between perennials and annuals and how to care for different types of plants. She often talks to the plants to give them extra love and “growing power”! Just in case you haven’t figured it out, she is a little heart-melter.

The fairies also leave her treasure on occasion, which is usually a small bead or jewel. She in convinced it’s the leftovers from their tinkering. So cute! She carefully collects the treasure and stores it in a small container which she then hides. She once said that this is the best thing we do together. That brings me so much joy!

I also love watching her and her friends look for the fairies. They are convinced they have seen them on several occasions. She tells me regularly that she believes in the magic of fairies. You know what? I believe too! This has created a magical experience that we will both remember forever. I think next year we will create a secret garden! Shh, don’t tell!

Do you have a fairy garden? What other fun projects do you spend time on with your kids?

"Fairy-Garden-Front" by Carrie A. at flickr.com (scaled, blur effect and text added)

Image courtesy of Carrie A. at flickr.com (scaled, blur effect and text added)

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I have really been wanting to do this with my daughter, I know she would just love it!


OMG! Cutest idea ever. I’m 10000 years old and I even like fairies lol…


What a fun thing to do with your daughter! It’s a really cute idea! I would love to do something like this with my baby daughter when she’s older!

T Austin

I love this! How very cool! My students loved fairies last year – this would be so great for a party!

Shann Eva

This is awesome! Even though I have all boys, I think we may do this next summer. My oldest loves watching Tinkerbell movies, so this would be super fun.

Let's Learn With Style
Let's Learn With Style

Thanks! The boys in our neighborhood love helping out and hunting for fairies! You could even create a pirate theme! :)