"(HMM) Happy Halloween Little Ghost" by aotaro at flickr.com (scaled and text added)

3… 2… 1… Happy Halloween!
31 Day Countdown Calendar for Halloween

I love fall and everything that comes with it but one of my favorite things during this season is Halloween. I always try and make sure my family has plenty of fun things to do during the month of October, but this year I have decided to create a Halloween countdown calendar.

"(HMM) Happy Halloween Little Ghost" by aotaro at flickr.com (scaled and text added)

Image courtesy of aotaro at flickr.com (scaled and text added)

Each day of the countdown will have a special craft, event or task my daughter or family and I will do together. I have decided my daughter will pull a special note out each day to let us know what’s going on that day! I’m pretty excited and I hope my family (and especially my daughter) will be too. Here is what I have planned for each day!

1. Collect leaves and make a leaf rubbing.
2. Decorate our front door like a monster.
3. Visit a local senior community and read fall/Halloween books.
4. Bake a selection of fall breads and deliver them to neighbors.
5. Learn the moves to the thriller dance.
6. Go on a scavenger hunt.
7. Write a silly Halloween story together.
8. Make a fall tree craft using a dish brush.
9. Make a button pumpkin.
10. Make a thumbkin patch.
11. Attend Fall Festival.
12. Go to the pumpkin patch.
13. Boo the neighbors.
14. Bat origami.
15. Make mummy hot dogs.
16. Watch, It’s the great pumpkin, Charlie Brown.
17. Make a jack o lantern pizza.
18. Read ten Halloween books.
19. Dance to Halloween music.
20. Make a structure out of candy pumpkins and toothpicks.
21. Make magical monster slime.
22. Become a mad scientist with the dissolving peeps experiment.
23. Create a Halloween themes sensory bottle.
24. Have a pumpkin carving party.
25. Make a monster breakfast. Ghost pancakes
26. Monster math
27. Make potato pumpkin stamps.
28. Do Halloween Madlibs.
29. Trick or treat at Daddy’s work.
30. Paint a pumpkin teal, to support kids with allergies.
31. Trick or treat and have a Halloween party.

What is your favorite thing about fall? Do you have any favorite Halloween traditions?

"Laughing lights" by Dave at flickr.com (scaled and text added)

Image courtesy of Dave at flickr.com (scaled and text added)

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31 Day Countdown Calendar for Halloween"

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Sue Parke

Fun ideas! I also love fall and Halloween! I’m totally going to do a jack o lantern pizza with my daughter now! She loves to cook and looooves pumpkins! Thanks for some great suggestions!

Cascia Talbert

What a great list! This is a fun time of year.


This is amazing! I love how you have something planned for every day. Lots of great ideas!


I love this. You’ve given me a great idea for my kids?


What a fabulous idea. All of these activities are sure to make it a magical month for the kids. The memories of all the Fall fun will last a lifetime.